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Silk Crepe Wrap

If you want to update some pieces in your
wardrobe, our accessories are a great

to do that!  Our wraps are very popular  -
they are small yet
pack a big visual
impact.  Wraps feature a
 design in the back.

Silk Scarves

Chiffon Scarf :  approximately 10" x 60" , this
chiffon scarf is a great way to update
your wardrobe
  (available in marbled or dyed patterns)

Pleated Charmeuse Scarf:  Beautiful hand-dyed 
pleated scarf  is an elegant look

To see color options, visit the  Fabrics page.


Marbled Silk Scarf
Silk Wrap
Marbled Silk Scarf

Silk Chiffon Shibori Scarf
Silk Crepe Wrap
Silk Chiffon Scarf

Silk Wrap

Our silk wraps are wonderful and can

be worn in a variety of ways!  The wrap
looks great coming and going!

Tie your wrap in the front, drape it
over your shoulder, wear as a skirt over
yoga pants - endless options!

Get creative with our wraps - your
imagination is your only limit!
Silk Wrap

Jazz up your wardrobe with one of our hand-dyed pleated scarves!  These beautiful scarves are individually dyed so each one is an original.  Created from charmeuse silk, these are truly elegant scarves! 

Gray silk wrap
Turquoise wrap
Turquoise wrap

Silk Wrap
silk chiffon scarf
Silk Wrap

Shown below are some great ways to get creative with your scarves - they can add a lot of fresh punch to your existing closet!

Marbled Silk Scarf
Marbled Silk Scarf
Marbled Silk Scarf
Marbled Silk Scarf

You can easily create any of the looks shown above - they are variations of the same technique.  To create the styles shown on the far left and far right,  fold the scarf lengthwise and hold the two ends in one hand and the folded loop end in the other hand.  Place the scarf around the back of the neck.  Place the two ends through the loop and pull as tight as you want - you can wear straight down or up on the side.  Secure with a pin if needed.

To create the two center styles, place the center of the scarf at the front of your throat.  Wrap the ends around the back of your neck and then tie back in front.  You could also secure with a pretty pin of some type to make sure it does not move.

Marbled Silk Scarf
Marbled Silk Scarf
Silk Scarf
Marbled Silk Scarf
The styles shown above are great ways to wear a scarf longer.  To create the first image on the left, just place the scarf around the neck with the ends in front.  Pull the two ends through any type of ring to hold in place.   The second look is created by placing the center of the scarf in the front and wrapping the 2 ends around your neck back to the front where they drape gracefully.  The third style is a much longer scarf that has been wrapped twice around the neck and tied in back.  The last style on the right is created by placing the scarf around the neck with the two ends in the front - make sure one end is 10-12 inches longer than the other.  Grab a piece of the scarf anywhere on the short end and then two pieces of the scarf on the longer end (about 8" apart).  Pull all 3 pieces that you have pulled through any type of ring - pull through as much or little as you want to create a little pouf.