Our Marbled Fabrics

Most of our garments are created with our hand marbled silk chiffon and silk crepe.  These beautiful silk fabrics are vibrant, have a soft, fluid drape and are great for travel. 

What is marbling?

Marbling is an ancient art form.  We float drops of paint on a liquid in a large tray, rake and comb the floating paints into beautiful patterns and then lay the silk on top of the floating pattern.  All of the floating paint is captured on the silk to create a unique piece of fabric - we use these to create all the garments on the website.

Care of our marbled fabrics is easy!  Handwash in shampoo and hang to dry - it really is that simple!  If your garment looks slightly wrinkled, you can hang it in the bathroom while you shower and any wrinkles will steam out. (Hand held steamers work great too!)

Creating color combinations is so much fun!  Here are some of our most popular - many of these we create on a regular basis. 

marbled fabric in brown and sienna
marbled color combination in blue, grey, celery and peach
marbled color combination in bold greens with blue
newsprint marbled combination
marbled color combination ocean blues
marbled color combination in blue, green, red and blue
marbled pattern in brown and gray tones
marbled color combination in light blue, brown and cream marbled color combination of bright blue, green, red and yellow
marbled color combination red and black marbled color combination turquoise with magenta
bright marbled fabric with teal blue and yellow
marbled color combination of blue, green violet and white mid day blues marbled combination summer turquoise color combination