Silk Crepe de Chine Can Be Your Best Friend This Summer!

Summer is a beautiful season - but heat and humidity make it a challenge to stay cool and look great.  My secret weapon?  Hands down it is clothing made from 100% silk crepe de chine.  I create all of the tops and dresses at Marling Originals from silk crepe de chine - here is why:

1)  You will stay cool even when it is hot and humid.  Silk crepe de chine is a natural fiber made from highly twisted yarns and its unique weave allows air to flow through the fabric, keeping you cool.  Silk crepe de chine is hard to find in a retail store, but the silk tops I create will be the coolest tops you own.

2)  You will look fresh in silk crepe de chine even if you perspire.  This wonder fiber wicks moisture away from you body and dries much quicker than linen or cotton - keeping you cool, dry and fresh-looking - even if you are "damp".

3)  You will feel and look fabulous!  Silk crepe de chine has a beautiful drape.  Tops, dresses, scarves made from it flow gracefully on your body.  Marling Originals tops are so light they feel like you are wearing nothing. 

4) You will love being wrinkle-free.  Silk crepe de chine is wrinkle resistant - heat and humidity (or hanging in the bathroom while you shower) pull out wrinkles like magic!  This quality also makes silk crepe de chine clothes excellent for travel!

5)  You will love how easy silk crepe de chine is to take care of  Fill a sink basin with cold water, add a few drops of mild shampoo, swish then rinse with cold water and hang to drip dry.  It really is that easy.

Whenever you are in a hot situation, silk crepe de chine will be your best friend!  Silk crepe de chine can be hard to find as retailers often use less expensive weaves of silk - you can always find it at



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