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Life's Simple Joys

It is always the simple things in life that add the most joy.  We woke up this morning to snowflakes falling - a rare treat where we live. After coffee and breakfast, there was a 1" covering of snow over everything - transforming our yard into a winter wonderland. So, we bundled up and headed out with Shadow to take a walk in the falling snow - to feel the cold wetness fall on our faces and enjoy the magical beauty that a fresh snowfall brings. Yes, it was a great morning.  Now, an afternoon full of creating beautiful things - I hope my sense of joy travels with these garments I am making today.

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Top 5 Tips for Care of Silk Clothes

Silk is a comfortable, soft, cool and luxurious fabric to wear; however, there is a misperception that it is difficult to care for.  Follow these tips for care-free laundering of all of your silk clothes.

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