So, You're Going to a Beach Wedding...

Beach wedding invitations are the absolute best!  Who doesn't love a soft breeze and the radiant warmth of the sun when celebrating a day of romance and love?

For most of us, the question after the initial excitement of the invitation is "What am I going to wear?"

Beach wedding attire that mirrors the flow, calm and beauty of the ocean is always an excellent choice.


beach scene with tips for wedding outfits

Here are 3 things to think about when choosing an outfit for a beach wedding:

1)  What is the dress code?  Is this a formal or semi-formal event with servers carrying silver trays of champagne under a pavilion or is everyone wearing flip flops on the beach?  If the invitation does not make this clear, call and ask.

Fabric choice has a big impact on your look.  A sheer, flowing silk gives off an elegant aesthetic that can range from casual to formal.  Linen or cotton is heavier and gives off a more casual vibe.  For an elegant casual look, consider pairing a soft flowing top over linen pants.  Adding a patterned flowing jacket or wrap/scarf in a sheer flowing fabric is an easy way to elevate a simple dress or pants and top.

beach scene with 3 wedding attire outfits

 Casual Elegant Attire for Beach Weddings

*  patterned dress with sandals

* pretty flowing tunic top with linen pants

* flowing sheer jacket over solid dress or a pants/top

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2)  What is the average temperature of the beach where the wedding is held?

Daytime beach weddings can be hot, evening weddings can be cool.  A quick Google search will give you an idea of what to expect for the date and location of the wedding.

Natural fibers that breathe can keep you cool.  A crepe silk allows air to flow through the fabric (keeping you cool) and also provides the temperature regulating features that all silks have to keep you warm if the temperatures drop.

Consider an outfit that you can easily layer with sheer jackets, wraps or scarves - especially for an evening event.

picture of a beach


3) Will you wear this outfit after the wedding?  Choosing an outfit that you will wear after the wedding will bring back all those wonderful memories each time you wear it.  Choose an outfit in the colors, style and aesthetic that you like - so that you will wear it again.

picture of a beach

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