Sizing and Care

My marbled art garments are designed to be loose and flowing - perfect for today's more casual lifestyle.  However, garments look best when they are the correct size for your frame.  We create all of our blouses and tunics in 4 basic sizes: 

XS fits most size 6-8 (bust to 36" and hips to 37.5")

S/M fits most size 10- small 14 (bust to 40" and hip to 42")

L/XL for larger 14 - 18 (bust and hip to 44")

Plus sizes 1X (bust and hip to 47.5") and 2X (bust and hip to 50")

Bias-cut dresses are relaxed but fit more closely.  They are available in S/M (fits 8-12 with bust to 40" and hips to 42") and a L/XL (fits most 14 - 18 with bust to 42-43" and hips to 44"). Short dresses are about 35-36" in length and hit most people right above the knees.  Longer dresses are about 43" in length.

Our one-size fits most garments are the kimono jacket, wrap and scarf.  Because of the fabric and drape of these items, they fit a wide range of sizes.

Feel free to call or email if you have specific questions about sizing.  I am happy to use your measurements to determine which size would be the best fit for you!

All of our garments are easy care - hand wash with a gentle shampoo (such as baby shampoo), rinse and hang to dry - I hang mine up while it is still dripping (I don't wring out the water).  If your garment looks a little wrinkled after drying, let it hang in the bathroom while you shower - the steam will pull those wrinkles out.  If necessary, your garment can be pressed - I use a steam iron set on 3 when I create all of the garments. 

Shampoo is better for silk than a Woolite or other product.  Silk is a protein fiber - just like your hair, so shampoo is perfect.  Just keep it gentle - no clarifying or other harsher shampoos.

If you stain one of your garments, put a drop of shampoo on the stain, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then hand wash normally.  If the stain is not completely removed, try that again. I have had success with a Shout stain stick when the shampoo was not 100% effective.