So, we are big sports fans at our house... football, baseball, golf, basketball (for Paul only ..too many basketball teams for me to follow).  So of course the past several weeks, we have been having a ball watching the Brewers and Dodgers series - it has been really exciting.  So, in game 5, I was watching the Brewers pitcher Jeffress- there were Dodgers on 2nd and 3rd base from hits and he had just walked the pitcher.   Bases were loaded with only one out. 

I watched in amazement as this superior athlete pulled himself together mentally in front of tens of thousands of screaming Dodgers fans and proceeded to strike out the next two hitters.  The Brewers got out of the inning and the Dodgers left three stranded.  Not only was this pretty exciting baseball, but it was a pretty dynamic life lesson.  Some days the bases are loaded and I need to shake it off, put on my big girl pants, and move forward with what needs to be done.  That baseball game is going to stick with me for a while.

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