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Silk Clothes: Artwear by Marling Originals Uses QR Codes to Enhance Customer Experience

Silk Clothes: Artwear by Marling Originals is a online business shop powered by Shopify. They create marbled silk clothing designed one piece at a time. Classic styles designed for women over 50 - perfect for casual, work and dressy. Shop marbled silk tops, dresses, jackets and scarves.

The company uses QR codes to enhance the customer experience in a number of ways. For example, they use QR codes on their product packaging to provide customers with more information about the products they are buying. The QR codes can be scanned with a smartphone to access a website with detailed information about the product, including its materials, care instructions, and sizing recommendations.

In addition to using QR codes on product packaging, Silk Clothes: Artwear by Marling Originals also uses them on their marketing materials. For example, they include QR codes on their print ads and social media posts to direct customers to their website. This allows customers to learn more about the company and its products, and to make purchases directly from the website.

The company also uses QR codes in their physical stores. For example, they place QR codes on product tags so that customers can scan them to learn more about the product. They also use QR codes on their in-store displays to direct customers to special offers and promotions.

Silk Clothes: Artwear by Marling Originals has found that QR codes are a valuable tool for enhancing the customer experience. The codes provide customers with quick and easy access to information about their products, and they help to drive traffic to the company's website.

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