Let's Talk about Round Necklines

My fashion goals are simple:   I want relaxed styling that is comfortable to wear, colors and prints that make me appear vibrant and garment designs that are flattering.  My favorite neckline is a round neckline - they look great with other pieces as well as on their own.  I encourage my clients to invest in attractive tops with round necklines since their versatility is limitless - they will quickly become  a wardrobe staple.

pictures of 2 silk tops with round necklines

A round neckline looks great on a variety of face shapes and directs attention to your face.  Visually, the curve of a round or scoop neck adds a soft and feminine air to your look.   In the fashion world, a round neckline hits higher on your chest while a scoop neckline is wider and lower. 

Round necklines have many advantages.  Necks look longer when a round neckline lays just below the clavicle.  A round neckline makes longer faces look shorter and can also make a narrow jawline look wider.  A round neckline softens a square face shape.  Proportion is important with round necklines.  A taller woman looks more balanced when her round neckline hits lower on the chest.  A woman with broad shoulders looks more balanced when the round neckline is wider. 

When I work with clients, I always advise them to take time to determine the best width and depth for round necklines.  I have them use a full length mirror to take a look at themselves wearing different round necklines from their closet.  I recommend you do this and see how the different widths and depths of the necklines affect your overall look.   Make notes on what looks best so you know what to buy in the future.

Once you have taken time to determine the best round necklines for your face and body, take this information and use it to add jackets and accessories that pull the look together. 

picture of 2 silk tops under jackets


Round neck tops are especially attractive under both tailored and casual jackets - they draw a curved horizontal line and the jacket's vertical lines pull a viewer's eyes up to your face.  A vest can achieve the same effect as a jacket.  A loose collared shirt over a round neck top looks comfortable and pulled together at the same time.

I encourage my clients to look for opportunities to make a so-so round neck top look even better.  I have found that round neck tops that are too high for my low bustline when worn alone look amazing under a jacket or a vest.  

silk top shown with silver necklace



Don't forget the jewelry and scarves!  Dangling and interesting art earrings draw attention to your face and may be all that is needed with a round neck top.  A simple pendant necklace looks fabulous with a round neck top - the 'V' shape of the necklace directs the attention to your face. 





A soft sheer scarf mimics the line of a round neckline and can transform a neckline that is a little too low for your comfort.  A pretty patterned scarf keeps a solid round-neck top from looking too plain and underwhelming.  Adding a scarf completes your look - it makes it look finished.

Collarless tops look contemporary so use round and scoop necks to modernize your look.   Aim for an assortment of prints, solids and different fabrics.  I prefer a relaxed resort look; however, I keep slimmer fitting knits in a variety of my favorite colors to layer underneath Marling Original flowing marbled vests, jackets and scarves. 

A flowing top with a round neck is a sophisticated and contemporary look.  Marling Originals patterned marbled silk tops with round necks are perfect for achieving a relaxed resort look for both casual and dressy looks - I never tire of wearing these beauties.  Pairing a flowing round neck top over a pair of jeans or tailored pants softens the structured lines of the pant and gives your overall look a carefree and modern feel.

marling originals silk top infographic

As we enter a new season, take some time and evaluate the round neck tops you have.  Make a list of colors and styles that you are missing - do you need some new patterned tops to freshen up your neutral bottoms?  Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions about adding Marling Originals silk tops into your spring and summer looks - you will be happy you did!


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