Fun Facts About Teal

graphic of teal paint drops         
I love the color teal - it makes me happy when I wear it or see it.  I especially love using teal when marbling fabric - the feathered designs that have teal colors are so calming and visually interesting.


Did you know that teal is named after the colored area around the eyes of the Eurasian Teal Duck?  It seems our best colors always come from nature.


Maybe we all love teal because blues and greens are Americans' favorite colors - teal happily sits right in the middle.


graphic of blue and green shades making teal

Our world is so visual and the blue and green tones in teal bring to mind tropical landscapes, sea and sky - all places and things that make us happy.


Did you know that wearing teal makes you look independent, trustworthy and creative?


All colors send a non-verbal message.  Deep teal is a sophisticated shade that adds more presence and power to your look.  Softer tones of teal are more feminine and playful. 


How we mix and match these various shades of teal with other garments impacts our overall look.
picture of two teal tops - cool shade vs warm shade


Teal plays well with so many other colors - it looks great with a multitude of neutrals making it a very versatile choice for your wardrobe.  Teal changes its personality and mood depending on the neutrals you pair with it.  Consider a teal top paired with a black or deep charcoal compared to that same teal top paired with a light tan or camel - each of those options gives off a different vibe. 

When choosing accessories and coordinating pieces, the amount of contrast between the colors has a great influence on your look.  A high contrast color like white adds energy and pop while cream softens the contrast and creates a more traditional and elegant look.  A light teal paired with black is more dynamic while that same light teal paired with tan has a calm, more subdued impact.

graphic of coral shown with the color teal

The color families of coral and tangerine add a lot of excitement to teal shades.  Plum, wine, chocolate and burgundy add a polished and refined element to teal.  Experiment with pairing different colors with a favorite teal top - it may surprise you how many different looks you can put together  - teal is a canvas waiting to be explored.

My advice?  Wear more teal - it looks great year-round and there is at least one shade of teal (if not more) that will flatter you.  Look for prints that feature teal prominently.  Make a list of accent colors you could wear with the teals in your closet.  Layer neutral basics with interesting teal accessories.  We all need a LOT more teal in our lives.


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