Living a Creative Life

How do you express your creativity?  Are you living the creative life you want for yourself?  Do you recognize and acknowledge your own talents?

I have been on the art show circuit with my marbled clothing line Marling Originals for over 20 years.   I cannot tell you how many times I have heard a passing patron say “some people get all the creativity - and here I am with none” - or something to that effect.

I believe we are all creative and talented - in ways that we often don’t recognize as creativity.  I attended a business workshop once where each person in the room was asked how they are creative.  One woman shared that cooking was her creative outlet - she loved trying new recipes, foods and techniques.   She regularly  hosted intimate dinners with friends to share that part of her life - this was an important part of who she is and sharing that creative curiosity and talent added joy to her life.

Creative curiousity contributes to our overall well-being and is essential to being human.  Studies have shown that creative pursuits lower blood pressure, reduce pain, depression and anxiety and slow dementia. 

graphic asking if creative pursuits are part of your life* Make time for creative pursuits.  Spend time and nurture your creative passion. Make music, sing, redecorate a room, write stories, make, sew, knit, scrapbook, crochet, garden, take pictures, cook, build things with Legos, build things with wood - whatever floats your boat. Everything slows down when you make time to create.


Gardening is one of the ways that I experience creativity outside of my art business.  While I am definitely more skilled at creating art clothes, I love every minute I spend planning and working in the yard.  I rejoice over every beautiful flower and new plant.  Gardening warms my soul.

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* Surround yourself with creations made by the hands of others.  There was a time in the not so distant past where every item in a home was made by a craftsperson.  Living among objects that someone made with their own hands not only gives you a physical object of beauty to look at or see, it also brings the story and creativity of that artist into your life.

Every wall in our home features at least one of my husbands fabulous photographs - we celebrate his vision and ability to capture beauty in his camera lens by surrounding ourselves with his photos.  We have glass, pottery, metal, and wood creations from so many different artists.  I wear not only Marling Originals artwear, but also pieces from other fiber artists and jewelers.  We surround ourselves with creations.

graphic encouraging us to be creative

* Immerse yourself in events and activities that foster creativity.  Go to an art show or music event.  Visit a museum.  Go to the theater.  Read interesting books.  Go to a storytelling festival or a garden show.  Join a guild or group pertaining to one of your hobbies.  Take a drawing or painting class.  There are opportunities all around us to enrich our lives with creativity - both free and paid - we have to make time and energy to go.

I hope you will make  2022 a year of greater creativity.  A focus on pursuing your creative curiosity may lead you to new friends, new passions, new things to love.  Jump in with both feet!

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