Update your Look with Spring/Summer 2022 Colors

Each season designers create collections in color palettes that are designated as the "colors of the season".  I don't know about you, but at this stage in the game, I know the colors I like and dislike as well as those that look good on me and those that don't look good on me.  However, I do pay attention to the color collections for each season because knowing these colors simplifies my wardrobe and updates my look.

Let me explain.  Manufacturers use these colors to create their spring and summer lines - which means that these colors are widely available right now.  If there is a color you love in the spring/summer collection, now is a great time to purchase pieces in that color.  This is especially helpful with the season's core neutrals - you can easily find coordinating tops and bottoms to build a capsule wardrobe in one of the seasonal neutrals (see blog post "Make Your Life Easier with Capsule Wardrobes").

In addition to availability, I find that I can freshen my look by incorporating some of these colors into my outfits - if only as accents.  I am by no means a trendsetter - I tend to dress and design timeless, classic styles.  However, adding the current season's colors that I like into my existing wardrobe updates my look.

How can YOU make your life easier by using the "Spring/Summer 2022 Colors"?  First, take a look at this season's colors and see what you like. Once you have identified your favorites, move to your closet and look for those colors in items you already own - don't forget your scarves and jewelry!  Organize your closet so these pieces are prominent - you will wear them more if you see them.  Make a shopping list of pieces you don't have (but would like to have) in the colors you like - now is the time to purchase those pieces because they are in the catalogs and stores. 

So what are the Spring/Summer 2022 colors?  Pantone has an excellent summary of their Color of the Year, the 5 Seasonal Neutrals and 10 Colors of the Season on their website.  They describe each color and I find their interpretations of the emotions behind each color very interesting.  I have pins of the color charts for Spring/Summer 2022 on Pinterest.

 Here is my personal description of the colors and what I am seeing in catalogs and stores. 


graphic about periwinkle with picture of marbled silk top

The color of the year is periwinkle blue - a beautiful shade that has undertones of red and purple.  Periwinkle is one of those shades that looks amazing on a wide range of skin tones.  The color itself invokes a dual sense of calm and vibrance.  If you like this color as much as I do, this is a great season to purchase some core garments and accessories in this color.

Take a look at marbled silk tops in periwinkle colors here.

graphic showing a marbled silk top in core neutral colorsWhen it comes to Core Neutrals, there are 3 lighter colors: soft white, soft taupe and pale grey.  All three are beautiful.
A gorgeous peppy sage green is on the list.
The fifth core neutral is a deep slate grey. All of these are wonderful capsule wardrobe options.  Check out my blog "Building a Capsule Wardrobe" here.

Take a look at our Beachy Browns & Blues Collection which complements the Core Neutrals for 2022.

graphic of celery grey

 Moving on to the 2022 Spring/Summer seasonal colors, there are 3 blues:  a light sky blue, a medium cornflower blue and a slate blue - I have noticed the catalogs have emphasized the medium and darker blues. 

Blue is a popular color and there is a shade for everyone in this season's selections.

Our Celery Grey Collection has many of this season's blue tones - many of these tops also work beautifully with all of the Core Neutrals for the season!

graphic with a picture of a teal marbled silk top

 Don't miss out on the deep teal (check out my blog post "Fun Facts About Teal") - teal is such a dynamic color.  Teals add presence and personality to your look.

Our Emeralds Collection has some beautiful teal tops and jackets.

On the lighter end of the color spectrum is a very soft milk chocolate color and a pale pink - both of these complement very fair skin tones. 

The addition of a vibrant fuscia and and an exciting violet tone add some drama to the Spring/Summer collection.

graphic showing silk top marbled with aqua, blues, yellow
The list of seasonal colors rounds out with a bright yellow and an orange red - both of which make excellent accent colors and in larger amounts, work beautifully with warm skin undertones.  I have also seen icy lime green popping up in the catalogs - especially in accessories and shoes.
Check out our Colorburst Collection.

Taking a few minutes now to re-assess your closet and your look for the upcoming season really does simplify dressing this spring and summer.  Check out the beautiful prints at www.marlingoriginals.com - we have wonderful silk tops that add these contemporary colors into your look this season.  You can also take advantage of a free 30 minute consultation with me to discuss your personal wardrobe challenges - I love talking about creating new looks!  Email me to schedule your session.


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