Marbled Art Scarves

Create a new look with our marbled silk scarves! Scarves are a great way to add polish and visual interest to your wardrobe. Add a scarf and you instantly look more put together.

Each of our scarves are created one at a time - no two are ever exactly alike. They all start as a piece of white silk - we marble, dye and paint beautiful designs and then cut and sew the fabric into scarves.

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  • Polish Your Look

    Check out 3 easy ways to tie any long scarf into a polished look. Try this out with your scarves - you won't be disappointed! Check out all our great videos on tying scarves at our Youtube channel @marlingoriginals.

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  • Add a Pop of Color

    Check out this quick and easy way to tie a small scarf to add some color to your look. You can see more videos on our Youtube channel @marlingoriginals.

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